L&D Professionals

Clarity Consultants Publishes “Gamified” Guide

Campbell, CA (USA), March 2017- Clarity Consultants, creative consultants who are a leading provider of corporate learning and development, has announced a player’s manual to the “game” of hiring learning-and-development (L&D) professionals.

Developing a learning organization is one of the most urgent tasks for today’s businesses. However, in order to compete in an increasingly global market and navigate a level of interconnectivity that rose to unprecedented highs in the last century, top companies need to maintain their edge by investing in knowledge development.

Finding the right L&D professional doesn’t have to be complicated, and in Clarity Consultants’ latest whitepaper, they work to navigate businesses through playing the "game" of hiring L&D professionals. The whitepaper outlines the rules and objectives before walking the "players" through the three levels, as well as a bonus level, that is the process of hiring the right L&D professionals. The levels are

  • Level One- Meet the Players
  • Level Two- Get the Perfect Score
  • Level Three- Win the Right Candidate
  • Bonus Level- Keep Your New Hire Happy

"Clarity has nearly a quarter century of expertise in placing elite learning-and-development professionals in high-demand positions in large, global organizations," says Herb Tieger, President and CEO of Clarity Consultants. "This history has sharpened our ability to play the game. We know the rules, the players, and how to unlock the ultimate achievement: developing a winning team in your organization."