Digital Board Game

Advantexe Launches New Game Business Simulation

Conshohocken, PA (USA), April 2017 - Advantexe Learning Solutions, an award-winning global leader in business simulation-centric learning, has announced the launch of a new and innovative digital board game business simulation called The Drivers of Business Performance™.

The Drivers of Business Performance simulation is designed to help learners understand the system of business and how operational decisions impact a company’s financial performance. Through a series of easy-to-understand, focused, and integrated quantitative and scenario-based business decisions, learners experience the systems of business and how operational decisions impact the inflows and outflows of money. Unlike dated, static business-acumen board games, this dynamic, computer-based simulation

  • immediately shows the cause and effect of business decisions
  • visually illustrates in real-time the simulated company’s financial flows
  • highlights data and insights of the core drivers of profitability and cash flow
  • incorporates gamification tools such as achievement badges and leader boards
  • features direct interactions with simulated characters to make learning fun, immersive, and more realistic
  • embeds online learning modules to introduce key business ideas, terms, and concepts at the moment of learning
  • leverages artificial-intelligence tools to allow competitors to adjust strategies and tactics

In the simulation, learners make a number of interrelated revenue-generation and cost- management decisions, having to juggle the trade-offs regarding revenue opportunities and their associated costs. Learners execute a business strategy by setting budgets and prices, and interacting with simulated characters through a series of animated scenarios that cover day-to-day operating challenges and opportunities for a fictitious global company.

"Changing the mindset and building the skills needed to make decisions that impact the business is why I am very excited to launch the new Drivers of Business Performance simulation," says Robert Brodo, co-founder of Advantexe. "This virtual business simulation was created to help introduce learners to the essential systems of business. We designed the simulation to take the complexity and mystery out of business acumen and help employees at all levels build their business confidence and better understand the language of business."

The Drivers of Business Performance can be delivered virtually, as part of a live business- acumen-learning journey or as part of a blended solution. The simulation can be launched as is, or Advantexe can fully tailor the program’s business ecosystem and scenarios to a client’s needs. The target audience for the simulation includes all employees needing a clear understanding of how business works and how this knowledge will enable them to be more productive and engaged on the job.