Game Changer

Thought Industries Expands AI Capabilities to Power the Business of Learning

Boston, MA (USA), October 2023 - Thought Industries, a leading external enterprise learning platform for customer, partner, and professional training, has announced a range of powerful new and enhanced AI capabilities during its Product Keynote at COGNITION23, designed to harness the power of generative AI within the Ti Enterprise Learning Cloud.

Thought Industries recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and surpassed 21 million active learners. It demonstrated these new products to complement its existing approach to AI and machine learning, further enabling its customers to create modern experiences for administrators and learners alike.

"Our customers have enjoyed the benefits of machine learning within the Thought Industries platform for some time now," said Barry Kelly, Thought Industries CEO. "With generative AI, we see the opportunity to give our customers some new super powers, including time saved creating content and designing courses; the ability to offer near real-time; personalized feedback and content recommendations that will help set a new standard in the creation; and delivery of modern, exceptional learning experiences."

Thought Industries sees the game-changing opportunity of generative AI being incorporated into its platform in four main ways:

  1. Accelerating content generation - Adding a generative and prompt-based element to make content creation even easier in the Ti platform, accelerating content production timelines for training materials and assessments.
  2. Decreasing operational friction - AI-powered site design and building is designed to deliver engaging and compelling learner experiences and will change the game when it comes to reducing development and production time. This no-code building functionality means customers can easily optimize web and mobile experiences solely through an AI-powered prompt interface.
  3. Personalizing coaching at scale - With AI-powered video assessment, all learners can receive speedy feedback and coaching that are truly helpful (including notes on soft skills), while experts and instructors spend their time only in the areas in which they will have the most impact.
  4. Serving highly relevant content: A key component of the Thought Industries technology has always been the ability to make learning as relevant, personalized, and close to the moment of need as possible. Ti's recommendation engine and machine learning algorithms are a critical part of its vision of AI in learning technology.

Data privacy and security are paramount concerns for customers, and Thought Industries' generative AI features are engineered with the utmost consideration for data protection. The company prioritizes privacy and ensures that customer data remains confidential and secure. No customer data will be used to train AI models, safeguarding customer information and intellectual property.

"We are incredibly excited to share what's next in the Thought Industries product at Cognition 2023," said Chief Product Officer, Todd Boes. "The promise and opportunity of generative AI builds on the solid foundation of machine learning currently available in the Ti platform. We think we're in a unique position to partner with our customers to help them make good use of these new innovations, while keeping their data and security top of mind."