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Ease Learning and Freedom Learning Group Announce Merger

Boston, MA (USA), December 2023 - Freedom Learning Group and Ease Learning have announced the strategic merger of the two eLearning brands. This merger will combine two strong companies devoted to designing high-quality learning experiences and empowering learners to bridge the skills gap between education and career.

The merger will enhance core services and further solidify their position as a leading partner for learning design and curriculum development services. "Over the past several months, it became abundantly clear that we are mission aligned with complementary services," said Ease Learning's Laurie Pulido. "Separately, we were headed in the same direction; together we will go further, faster."

Ease Learning is a leading provider of learning experience design programs with an emphasis on diversity, equity, inclusion, and skills-based learning. The company has developed engaging online curriculum experiences for over 20 years for leading colleges and universities across the USA. Additionally, the Ease Learning Help Desk delivers access to quality LMS support to better enable learning and instruction by augmenting staffing for resource-constrained institutions.

Freedom Learning Group is an educational content development firm that is well known for its global remote workforce of highly skilled instructional designers, content specialists, and subject matter experts from the military-affiliated community. Since 2017, Freedom Learning Group has provided thousands of skilled professionals with meaningful employment developing online courses for universities and industry clients in fast-evolving fields such as cybersecurity, healthcare, and finance.

This move increases the company's capabilities for all customers in the education, corporate, and publishing sectors. "Our organizations have been working on parallel tracks to address the urgent need for skills-based learning," said Freedom Learning Group CEO Michele Baird. "While Ease has deep relationships with leading university partners, Freedom Learning Group has strong ties with industry leaders in workforce development. Together, we will provide scale and innovation to our partners."

Freedom Learning Group CEO Michele Baird will continue to lead the business. Ease Learning's Founder Laurie Pulido will serve as Chief Strategy Officer.