Lumify Work

AMA Certified Professional in Management International Training

Manny Avramidis, President and CEO of AMASydney (AU), January 2024 - Lumify Work will exclusively launch an American Management Association (AMA)-certified Professional in Management® International Training Certificate programme, making it the first AMA-Authorized Training Partner in ANZ.

Lumify Work, a leading provider of professional training in Australia and New Zealand, has announced the addition of in-demand management certifications to their educational offerings thanks to their new partnership with the AMA.

As an AMA-Authorized Training Partner (ATP), Lumify Work will provide leadership and management training to prepare current and aspiring managers for the Certified Professional in Management™ certification (CPM)®.

Managers make a profound impact on the performance and vitality of organisations. Recent research by Clifton and Harter on the impact of good (and bad) managers on employees suggests that

  • upwards of 70% of the variability of performance between teams is explained by the performance of managers and supervisors
  • through their actions, managers enable employees within organisations to produce the products and services we want and need
  • there is a huge opportunity to clarify the role of manager across organisations and standardise it, with real impact on the bottom line since, in most organisations, 18% of the workforce is in management positions

Based on this need and years of research, AMA created the Certified Professional in Management (CPM)® certification for managers, which is delivered over four days and

  • consists of 16 competencies
  • is organised into four critical domains: professional effectiveness, relationship management, business acumen, and analytical thinking

The course includes a certification exam and a copy of the Management Body of Knowledge.

With its 100 years of experience dedicated to understanding and developing the effectiveness of managers, the AMA is in a unique position to provide a globally recognised credential to validate the knowledge needed to be a successful manager.

Manny Avramidis, President and CEO of AMA, said, "There is a need for a standard of excellence in management. AMA has created a certification to help managers gain and validate the knowledge they need to thrive in their roles. We are now partnering with select organisations, such as Lumify Work, to help us bring AMA-CPM to the world."

The 2023 Workplace Learning report by LinkedIn Learning explored the latest trends and insights on workplace learning based on a survey of over 5,000 professionals across 29 countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

The report identified the top three training areas for people managers in 2023:

  • #1 leadership and management skills
  • #2 role-specific digital upskilling or digital transformation
  • #3 supporting employee career development

Gary Duffield, Lumify Group Head of Vendor Partnerships, shared, “We are excited to become an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of the American Management Association™. At Lumify, we promote a balanced approach to training, with a focus on the key areas of technology, process, and people. This approach has been validated by team and customer conversations about the need to match technical knowledge in cybersecurity, cloud computing, or ITSM with the ability to influence change and communicate with others. Since we rebranded from DDLS and Auldhouse to Lumify Work in Australia and New Zealand, we have sought to leverage the strengths of our wider community. And we are happy to welcome AMA to our network of partners."

As complexities increase, so does the need for leadership and management training. Through it, those on the management track can gain practical skills and tools to collaborate with other stakeholders and contribute to decisions for the overall business.

CPM is offered around the world by AMA and AMA-Authorized Training Partners like Lumify Work. Upon completing the CPM certification, an individual will earn the AMA-CPM credential, validating their knowledge as a professional manager.