"Rigid Teaching Methods Are a Thing of the Past"

Theresa VossDüsseldorf/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - The presentation "Individual Learning with Hyper-Personalization: AI in Healthcare and Beyond" will shed light on AI and its impact on learning. The case study from the healthcare industry illustrates how professionals can benefit from innovative technologies. Theresa Voss is cofounder of the edtech company chunkx, and will provide information on the background to AI, NLP and machine learning.


"Allyship" Module

Student Nurses Train to Be Better Allies

London (UK), November 2021 - A new cohort of student nurses from the University of Surrey has been trained on how to be better allies. Marshalls and the university have come together to collaborate on a new module called Allyship. From being long-standing existing clients to now collaborating with them on their latest module, Marshalls are gearing up to release their Allyship Module in partnership with the University of Surrey’s School of Health Sciences.


For Healthcare Workers

Docebo to Offer Virtual Learning Platform Heart & Stroke

Toronto (CA), May 2020 - To meet the new reality of public health measures, including physical distancing, Docebo has donated nine months of free use of their leading AI-powered online learning platform to Heart & Stroke. This will allow the health charity to continue to deliver critical training during the COVID-19 pandemic in a safe manner.


OnCourse Learning

Bertelsmann Strengthens Education Business

Gütersloh (GER) / Brookfield, WI (USA), September 2018 - Bertelsmann continues the expansion of its strategic growth area of education: The international media, services, and education group is acquiring the U.S. online education provider OnCourse Learning from the private equity company CIP Capital for an amount in the mid-nine-digit euro range.


Virtual Learning

Digital Education Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Nick SpielkampSaarbruecken (GER), April 2018 - In this interview, Nick Spielkamp, digital learning expert at IMC, explores the special requirements that exist for digital learning solutions in the highly regulated medical and pharmaceutical sector and how virtual reality applications are finding their way into operating theatres.


Open-Source Repository

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Now for Everyone

Salt Lake City, UT (USA), February 2017 - Machine learning is a part of everyday life for most Americans, from navigation apps to Amazon's omniscient purchase recommendations. But in healthcare, the use of machine learning has so far been limited to niche science projects in large and academic health systems - those able to afford the highly skilled data scientists and dedicated teams required to turn their data into meaningful performance improvements. 


"Crowd Cup"

Social Media-Kampagnen für den HealthShare Award 2017

Köln, Februar 2017 – Bereits zum fünften Mal zeichnet der HealthShare Award internationale Social Media-Kampagnen mit Healthcare-Bezug aus. In diesem Jahr werden die Gewinner erstmals zur Preisverleihung eingeladen, die im Rahmen der MedMen 2017 stattfindet. Kampagnen können ab sofort kostenfrei eingereicht werden.



ELearning für das Demenz-Servicezentrum Münsterland

Hamm-Lippstadt, Oktober 2016 - Fachliches Wissen und technisches Know-how vereint: Ab sofort kooperieren das Demenz-Servicezentrum Münsterland und die Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt, um sich gemeinsam bei dem Ziel zu unterstützen, Schulungsangebote rund um die Demenz-Erkrankung zu verbessern und somit die Vereinbarkeit von Studium oder Beruf und Familie zu erleichtern. Ende September 2016 wurde der Kooperationsvertrag von der Leiterin des Demenz-Servicezentrums, Annette Wernke und Hochschulpräsident Prof. Dr. Klaus Zeppenfeld unterschrieben.


Interactive Workshop

The 21st-Century Games Revolution

Milan (I) / Berlin (GER), October 2016 - "The 21st-Century Games Revolution" is the title of the interactive workshop about games for health being organized and held by serious-games company "imaginary" during the sixth EAI International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare. The conference is entitled "Transforming Healthcare through Innovations in Mobile and Wireless Technologies" and will take place in Milan, 14-16 November 2016.