Hive Learning at LT2020

How to Embed a Culture of Learning

London (UK), February 2020 - Hive Learning, a peer learning platform that radically accelerates innovation, collaboration, and inclusion, will deliver an action-oriented panel session at LT2020 on five practical ways to embed a culture of learning every day at scale. The insights have been curated from thousands of the world’s fastest-growing companies and distilled into a five-step formula.

The session will take place at the upcoming Learning Technologies 2020 conference, 12-13 February, in London, UK. It will be hosted by Julia Tierney, Chief Customer Officer at Hive Learning.
As a founding member of Hive Learning, Julia has spent the last six years leading transformation efforts for the likes of Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, and PepsiCo. Her work is the reason eight in ten Hive Learning users put what they’ve learnt into action and are ten times more likely to form a learning habit.
The Learning Technologies conference is one of Europe’s leading workplace learning events, attracting more than 8,500 visitors and 200 exhibitors from all around the world. This year’s conference is packed with the latest learning technologies, creating a unique and exciting experience for L&D professionals.
"If you work in L&D, you know that embedding a culture of everyday learning is critical for growth, innovation, and business success. However, it’s notoriously difficult to get people to take ownership of learning because after all, learning every day is a big change for most people.

"In fact", Julia Tierney discloses, "McKinsey research shows that more than 70% of change efforts fail." With this in mind, she explains, “At Hive Learning, we believe the secret to getting people comfortable with sharing knowledge and embedding a lasting culture of learning at scale is tapping into the power of your people to create culture change from the bottom up."

Hive Learning's interactive session at LT2020, hosted by Julia on 12 February at 11:00 in Theatre 1, will help visitors learn how some of the world’s fastest-growing organisations

  • get up to 95% of their people learning and collaborating together every day
  • achieve up to 90% monthly active usage on digital learning programmes — without making them mandatory
  • transform perceptions so people see digital tools as something they want to use, not something they have to use
  • build powerful peer learning networks that make a tangible and measurable impact on the bottom line
  • give people the tools to start a movement — whatever the culture change they’re trying to drive

Hive Learning was recently honoured as the 2019 Learning Technologies Learning Organisation of the Year from a field of hundreds of the world’s foremost learning technology organisations.
The recognition came for their demonstrable results in growing an organisation with a clear mission and laudable focus on the user and customer experience. Hive Learning were also commended for their NPS score of 74 and +90% client retention rate.