Medical University of Pleven

The Digital Transformation of Medical Education in Bulgaria

Leipzig (GER) / Pleven (BGR), September 2020 - The Medical University of Pleven was the first in Bulgaria to offer an English language medical program, and it continues to be a pioneer, with the adoption of Lecturio's digital learning science-based education platform. Already an attractive destination for international and domestic medical students alike, the Medical University of Pleven now joins over 100 medical schools around the world in offering high-quality digital medical education.

With Lecturio, the Medical University of Pleven will offer students an enhanced, fully digital medical curriculum with a library of more than 400 interactive 3D anatomy models; 6,500 video lectures; 20,000 recall questions; and 4,000 clinical case questions. All are built with award-winning professors from schools such as Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and others.

Jochen Tanner from Lecturio says, "University faculty will also be able to digitize their existing curriculum to offer a truly modern learning experience that leverages the latest advances in learning science such as blended learning, flipped classrooms, and spaced repetition."

Assoc. prof. Dobromir Dimitrov MD, PhD from the Medical University of Pleven, added, "The digital offering could not come at a better time. It means we will not only be able to offer international and domestic medical students a more flexible digital learning experience, but we will be better positioned to adapt to the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, too."

Delivering a full medical curriculum online will allow for better social distancing and other pandemic precautions to create a safer educational environment for both students and faculty.