Preparatory Assistance

Great Learning Launches CareerPlus for College Students

New Delhi (IN), May 2021 - Great Learning, one of India's leading edtech companies for professional and higher education, recently launched CareerPlus, a career support and jobs product that focuses on providing holistic career support to college students, freshers, and recent graduates through high-quality job preparatory programs, live sessions to strengthen key skills tested in job interviews, job-readiness assessments to assess their preparation, and  job postings from corporate hiring partners.

The company has partnered with 100+ corporates, which includes marquee organizations such as Informatica, Tech Mahindra, Nielsen, WNS, GE, Netskope, and Ugam Solutions to enable these job opportunities for the aspirants.  Hundreds of job opportunities are posted every month on the platform, and several hundred aspirants have already obtained successful career transitions.

CareerPlus is part of Great Learning's open learning platform, Great Learning Academy. Great Learning Academy has 300+ free English and Hindi certificate programs on in-demand job domains such as software development and programming, digital marketing, business, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and design. Great Learning Academy currently has over 1.1 million registered learners from over 160 countries, including several hundred thousand Indian college students, fresh graduates, and experienced working professionals.

CareerPlus provides aspirants with specially designed high-quality job preparation programs that consist of self-paced videos, quizzes, and doubt-clearing live sessions delivered by subject matter experts. These help to strengthen general skills that are tested by most recruiters in the interview process, such as logical reasoning, numerical ability, reading comprehension, etc. Aspirants can also submit a short video and receive feedback on their communication skills.

Once adequately prepared, aspirants can take a qualifying test, which will allow them to apply to relevant jobs available on the platform. To help aspirants when applying for specific jobs, further preparatory programs on high demand technical skills such as Java, Python programming, SQL, data structures and algorithms, digital marketing, sales, etc. are also offered.

Interview-preparation assistance is also provided in the form of live sessions that offer guidance on appropriate body language, attire, and etiquette for physical and virtual interviews for young aspirants.

Speaking on the launch, Mohan Lakhamraju, CEO and Founder, Great Learning, said, "The past year was a difficult one for all of us, especially students pursuing their undergrad and post-grad degrees. With campus placements not being held in their usual capacity and organizations cutting down on manpower across verticals and sectors, we've witnessed learners facing a difficult time landing jobs of their choice. We also observed organizations facing a challenge in finding the right talent, skilled to take on their roles without much handholding.

"To bridge the gap at both ends, we came up with CareerPlus. We believe that the pandemic should not get in the way of young aspirants from kick-starting their careers. Hence, we want to provide students in the final year of their colleges and freshers an opportunity to crack sought-after jobs.

"We have a pool of companies who have partnered with us to open up vacancies on CareerPlus. The rigorous preparatory assistance and job-ready tests we provide to aspirants ensure that they have a better chance of cracking job interviews, and companies also need to spend less time and effort to find high-quality candidates. This is one of our many endeavours to help learners in achieving their desired professional career trajectory irrespective of the external factors."