AI Curriculum to Build the New "AI Class" of Knowledge Workers

New York, NY (USA), October 2023 - Section, the business education platform founded by Scott Galloway, has announced plans to build the world's most essential "AI for Business" curriculum, equipping working professionals to succeed and thrive in the age of AI.

In the next twelve months, Section will launch 50 AI courses for leaders, department heads, and individual contributors, covering everything from building an AI-first organization to using AI in marketing and product development. The company has already launched courses in Generative AI Business Strategy, AI for Personal Productivity, and AI Prompt Writing, as well as an AI for Business Mini-MBA; all are open for enrollment now.

"The companies that will lead in ten years are making serious investments in AI now," said Section founder and NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway. "Look at Netflix, Capital One, and Goldman Sachs for a benchmark of what AI investment should look like. If you're not hiring AI leaders and upskilling your people on AI today, you're falling behind."

Section is also building AI into their education experience. Section recently launched Prof AI, an AI-powered teaching assistant for Section members that provides personalized feedback to help students apply course concepts. Prof AI will be introduced in Scott Galloway's Business Strategy Sprint, then made available in all courses over the coming months.

"The workforce is dividing into two classes: those who know how to harness AI's potential, and those who don't," said Section CEO Greg Shove. "Our AI curriculum and AI-powered learning experience will help professionals shed their anxiety about AI and make it their superpower."

Section was founded on the belief that high-quality business education shouldn't be gatekept by elite institutions. To continue fulfilling on that promise, Section will offer an additional 1,000 full-price scholarships to its membership platform, share free AI resources and prompt libraries, and offer a free monthly workshop on AI, so professionals can quickly become AI fluent.

The company will also host monthly talks on the promise and risks of AI, featuring Galloway and AI experts like Yoshua Bengio, Mustafa Suleyman, and Gary Marcus. Galloway will present his newest lecture, "The AI Optimist".