New AI Suite

Go1 Boosts Personalized Learning Content Discovery and Curation

Salt Lake City, UT (USA), February 2024 - Go1, a global learning expert, recently announced it has enhanced its product with Go1 AI, a new suite of features that offers more personalized learning content discovery and curation powered by AI. With this new functionality, L&D admins can effortlessly find and match the best content to the unique needs of every learner based on the content intelligence of more than 130,000 courses in the Go1 platform.

In a 2023 study by Go1, 50% of L&D decision-makers said they seek to improve L&D to increase employee satisfaction over the next 12 months, and 48% also want to encourage employees to learn a new skill. However, empowering learners in the workplace is reliant upon making content timely and relevant to each individual.

"Having a vast library of learning content isn't enough to engage learners in the workplace," said Holger Seim, chief product officer of Go1. "L&D leaders need to surface the right content at the right time for each learner to achieve the best outcomes. By leveraging the wealth of data within our content library, Go1 is in the best position to provide smarter recommendations to L&D departments so they can build the most personalized and effective learning programs for their people."

Go1 has leveraged AI to power new content discovery and curation experiences, including

  • AI-enhanced Search that interprets requests, not just keywords, and yields best-matched skill and content recommendations
  • AI Chat that unlocks personalized, skill-based learning discovery and curation into a streamlined workflow
  • AI-assisted Playlists that understands learners' unique goals and generates personalized playlists from scratch
  • AI-generated insights like learning outcomes and tagged skills for more informed evaluation and selection

"We appreciate the diversity of learning content available to us in the Go1 platform, but we don't want to get stuck in choice overload when building content playlists," said Andrew James, digital learning manager at Lloyd's. "Go1 has streamlined our curation workflow while adding confidence that we found the most relevant content for our team as they explore their own learning and skills development."

Go1 AI will be available to customers on a rolling basis, starting now.