New AI Suite

Go1 Boosts Personalized Learning Content Discovery and Curation

Salt Lake City, UT (USA), February 2024 - Go1, a global learning expert, recently announced it has enhanced its product with Go1 AI, a new suite of features that offers more personalized learning content discovery and curation powered by AI. With this new functionality, L&D admins can effortlessly find and match the best content to the unique needs of every learner based on the content intelligence of more than 130,000 courses in the Go1 platform.


Cypher Learning

First AI-Powered Copilot for Teachers and Instructors

Graham Glass, CYPHER Learning CEOPlano, Texas (USA), July 2023 - CYPHER Learning®, a modern learning platform for businesses and academia worldwide, has announced the launch of CYPHER Copilot. Guided by AI, CYPHER Copilot empowers users to create comprehensive, engaging, and gamified courses and assessments in minutes that would normally take days, weeks, or even months.


With VR and AR

Customizable Learning Content and Non-Linear Learning Paths

NINEFEBVienna (A), May 2023 - The NINEFEB Group is a service provider of technical documentation and eLearning whose activities are wide ranging, working primarily for technical industries - from machine and facility engineering to railroad and medical technology. At the LEARNTEC Convention on 24 May at 14.30 in the AI Applications series, the team of Dr. Harald Stadlbauer, Martina Schmidt, and Barbara Kalous will discuss "Personalized Learning, Non-Linear Learning Paths, Including Assessment Integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality - also in Legacy Systems".


For Learning Professionals

Experiential Learning LAB at The MASIE Center

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), April 2019 - Elliott Masie, an international learning analyst and curator, will host corporate leaders from around the world at his Learning Innovations LAB in June.


Modern Learning Experience

Saba Customers Raise the Bar on Personalized Learning

Dublin, CA (USA), April 2019 – Saba customers are embracing new and innovative approaches to learning personalization and achieving better learner outcomes and business impact. At the CLO Symposium Spring 2019, two of Saba's marquee clients, USA TODAY NETWORK and Yum! Brands, shared their creative strategies and best practices in learner engagement and results using Saba talent development solutions.


Learning Experiences

Elliott Masie Hosts 38 Leaders at Learning Innovations LAB

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), March 2019 - Elliott Masie, an international learning analyst and curator, hosted 38 corporate leaders from around the world at his Learning Innovations LAB last week. As business and work changes, the format and style of workplace learning must innovate to leverage new technologies and methodologies to upskill employees.


Call for Contributions

EDEN 2019: Connecting through Educational Technology

EDENBruges (BE), December 2018 - EDEN is pleased to announce its 28th Annual Conference hosted by the VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Bruges, 16-19 June 2019. The title is "Connecting through Educational Technology in Search of Contemporary Learning Environments".


Learning App

Unicorn returns to ATD with minds-i

London (UK), April 2018 - It's not every day you get to hear Barack Obama deliver a keynote speech. But that's not even the main reason Unicorn is excited to be taking minds-i and Unicorn LMS to San Diego for the ATD International Conference and Exposition, 06-09 May. The ATD International Conference and Exposition is the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide, and this is the third successive year that Unicorn is heading stateside to both inspire and be inspired.


Personalized Learning Survey

Delray Beach, FL (USA), September 2016 - Personalized learning is a process of providing learning experiences based on employees’ professional and personal needs and interests and being able to access that learning in a venue and time frame that is best for the employee. The goal of this approach is to tailor learning to the employee and, therefore, make it more attractive and impactful.