Elliott Masie Announces Next AI & Learning LAB in 2024

Saratoga Springs, NY (USA), October 2023 - Elliott Masie has announced an updated AI & Learning LAB to take place January 09-10 2024 in Saratoga Springs, NY for workplace learning and talent professionals. The event will bring together 50 corporate and government leaders to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on workplace learning, jobs, careers, and performance.

Alumni of MASIE's previous AI & Learning LABS have included global organizations such as Prudential, PwC, CharterSteel, ESRI, Crowe, Deloitte, InterSystems, Imanet, Capital One, Erie Insurance, Cisco, Axalta, Konica Minolta, Edward Jones, and many government and military agencies, including the United States Marine Corp and Defense Intelligence.

LAB host Elliott Masie shared that this is an intensive and interactive session focused on the implications, challenges, and opportunities of AI and workplace learning and the quickly changing and evolving impact of AI and generative AI.

"In a nutshell," Masie said, "we're going to spend two days exploring how AI, generative AI, content curation AI, augmented media, and other emerging technologies may change, enhance, extend, replace, or disrupt workplace learning."

AI is a provocative and controversial force in the world of technology, business, and education. Elliott Masie has created an interactive and experiential small event to help learning professionals better understand and imagine how learning organizations, business units, and learners themselves will evolve learning processes with the rapidly expanding set of AI tools, systems, and strategies.

The LAB is designed for both colleagues who are brand new to the AI world, as well as people experienced with AI tools and strategies. Each participant will use AI to imagine creating, curating, delivering, and evolving learning activities. And since the world of AI is changing on a weekly basis, participants will gather by video in February, March, and April to track changes in the field, as well as in their own projects.

The format of the LAB is experiential and interactive. During the two days in Saratoga, attendees will use and probe a range of released and still in "beta" AI tools.

These AI and learning impacts will be explored in the LAB:

  • how learning designers might leverage AI
  • how employees themselves might use AI for learning
  • how AI might become the curation tool of choice
  • a-learning - augmented learning with AI
  • when AI is inaccurate, dangerous, risky, or worse
  • personalization with AI
  • AI and needs analysis, assessment, testing, and simulation
  • AI for workflow support and nudging
  • rights and use licensing for AI content
  • whether AI can do graphic creation for learning resources
  • coaching with AI and scaling expertise access 
  • creating an internal content "cave"
  • global translation - using AI for language
  • whether AI is supportive of diversity and inclusion
  • the role of collaborative/cohort learning with AI
  • virtual instructors and digital twins via AI
  • brain science and AI - research and philosophies
  • AI and lms/learning/talent systems - pathways forward
  • impact of AI on learner skills and motivation
  • new skills for learning and development professionals
  • job and role changes with AI in learning and business
  • questions, concerns, challenges, and curiosities about the future of AI

During this comprehensive two-day exploration of AI and learning, participants will explore, experiment, challenge, discuss, and strategize on how AI’s capabilities will impact learning in the months and years ahead.

Over the past forty years, Elliott Masie has created and produced six events and conferences in the learning, support, technology, and eLearning fields. "I am excited to explore this new and rapidly growing tech, as it is already impacting the learning and training fields and will continue to for quite some time," he said of the upcoming AI & Learning LAB and Briefing.

Masie has founded and produced computer training and support conferences, tech-learn conferences, learning conferences, and interactive conferences, and has also been a TONY-nominated Broadway producer of over forty shows.