Enhanced Communication

Vyond - Limitless Possibilities for Video Creation

San Mateo (CA), November 2023 - Vyond has announced the new release of its award-winning video creation platform. This release brings the power of generative AI inside Vyond, in existing workflows, where and when it is needed the most. Now, any video element imaginable is available at the click of a button.

"Businesses destroy value every day by communicating poorly," said CEO Gary Lipkowitz. "With this release, we've essentially made our content library infinite. For our customers, this means finding relevant content is both fast and easy. And this translates into tremendous bottom-line value through better communication that is actually retained."

Vyond customers are experiencing a 400% increase in employee productivity, savings of up to $1M in content-creation costs, and up to an 80% increase in content engagement.

Infinite possibilities for relevant and engaging communications are made possible by Vyond's new AI features, which allow customers to go from vision to video in seconds. With Video to Action, users can generate a custom character action by simply shooting a video (even with a smartphone) and sending it to Vyond. Text to Prop lets users instantly generate video props from text prompts on demand. 

Vyond now also includes access to over three million images and video clips via a new integration with Shutterstock, and dozens of realistic and expressive voices through an integration with WellSaid Labs. Vyond Go, the AI-powered script and video creation tool introduced earlier this year, now includes support for more than 70 languages.

Improving accessibility was customers' top request for new functionality, and Vyond users can now make their videos more accessible. The new release includes Open Captioning, in which captions and subtitles can be burned directly into the video. Closed Captioning is extended to include audio transcription and SRT/VTT export.

Vyond is used by 65% of the Fortune 500 to communicate better. While the new release helps make AI work for everyone, Vyond is widely used by training, learning and development, sales enablement, and internal communications teams to increase the relevance, engagement, and effectiveness of their communications.

Patrick Jocelyn, CEO of Omniplex Learning, which is Vyond's strategic reseller in the United Kingdom, said, "Vyond has been a long-time leader in innovative applications of AI in its product that help companies create engaging and dynamic video. Now imagine being able to develop even more relevant content for the modern learner in every industry, every scenario, every audience. That's what Vyond has done with this new release. This is a huge step ahead."