China's Best Human Resources Services Provider of the Year

Munich (GER), January 2024 - Speexx, an industry leader for digital people development, coaching, and language training, has once again demonstrated its industry leadership by clinching the prestigious title of China's “Best Human Resources Services Provider of the Year” at the 2023 China HR Industry Awards Ceremony in Hangzhou, China. This accolade, hosted by Global Human Resources (GHR), marks a significant milestone in Speexx's global journey of excellence and innovation in the people development industry.

After a rigorous two-month evaluation process involving GHR's professional and public juries, Speexx emerged victorious, reflecting its substantial global market share, customer base, brand recognition, and influential role in the HR industry. The award criteria also included quality case studies and contributions to scientific and technological innovation.

"As a strategic partner of GHR in China, we are honored to receive this award. It is a testament to our commitment to human resources, our focus on employee training and development, and our sustainable, healthy growth," said Armin Hopp, Co-Founder, Speexx. "This recognition not only celebrates our achievements but also reinforces our position as a leader in China's HR service industry."

GHR, China's premier human resource learning platform and influential new media entity in the HR sector, is dedicated to sharing global HR learning programs and providing a comprehensive platform for enterprise training, management consulting, and HR services. With over 1.6 million business managers engaged and serving more than 8,000 enterprises, GHR's platform is a beacon in the industry.

"Facing the challenges and opportunities of today's dynamic world, Speexx is committed to driving the evolution of the employee training and development industry through technological and innovative means," said Jun Zheng, Managing Director, Speexx China. "This accolade from GHR not only recognizes our past achievements but also fuels our ongoing mission to empower organizations to succeed in this transformative era."