Growth Engineering

Guidebook Reveals the Secret to Successful Training Evaluation

GuidebookWindsor (UK), January 2018 - Learner engagement experts Growth Engineering have released a brand new guidebook titled "How to Win Your Training Budget: The Complete Guide to Training Evaluation". The guidebook is a comprehensive handbook to training evaluation. It includes everything readers need in order to assess return on investment (ROI) and secure a strong training budget.

The document is free to download and features an "ROI Calculator" that can be used to assess ROI immediately.

Subjects explored within the guidebook include

  • why calculating ROI is important
  • how to measure the financial impact of training
  • how engagement in training helps secure a strong ROI

Each section is packed full of insights, tips and clear explanations from the multi-award winning online learning company Growth Engineering. The information is backed up by academic research and evidence. Illustrations support the explanations and bring the subjects to life throughout the guidebook.

Growth Engineering's Ideologist in Chief, Juliette Denny, said, "Evaluation is essential for creating successful training. It's the only way to truly know if your training has achieved its goals and is worth the investment. It gives you the tools you need to improve training and take learner engagement to the next level! I'm delighted that our awesome guidebook is now available to help readers demonstrate how their training is making a difference and getting results. I'm especially excited about the ROI Calculator because it means readers can put the tips into action straight away! Finding out the true value of training and boosting learner engagement is too important to wait!"

Growth Engineering's guidebook "How to Win Your Training Budget: The Complete Guide to Training Evaluation" is available now as a free download.