Mind Click

Conversion Solutions to Modernise Legacy eLearning Courses

Nottingham (UK), April 2016 - Mind Click, silver winners of the eLearning Development Company of the Year 2015, announced a new service that allows people to convert legacy Flash content to HTML5 allowing organisations to future-proof their L&D and make way for more modern, sleek, and mobile learning experiences.

Before the huge rise in multi-device eLearning, most online training courses predominantly used Flash for development, which is restricted to desktop and not supported by many mobile devices. Over time this caused a decline in the use of Flash, with more and more learners demanding digital, modern “on-the go” learning experiences.

Converting Flash courses to HTML5 is a useful way to retain the existing assets of eLearning modules, but converting them into something on demand and fully responsive. It can be a powerful method for organisations that are ready to embrace technology and go multi-device with their eLearning, as it supports both desktop and all mobile devices (including tablets and smartphones).

Migrating existing legacy Flash courses to HTML5 can be an effective solution for organisations that do not have the time or budget to create bespoke content from scratch, as companies are able to make the most out of the content and resources they already have. Additionally it's a far more time efficient approach to future-proofing online training, as a single bespoke module can take between six and eight weeks to develop, whereas Mind Click's Flash conversion services can migrate a twenty-minute course in as little as two weeks.

Speaking about Mind Click's Flash-to-HTML5-conversion solutions, Sean Reddington, Managing Director, comments, "It's so important to stay up to date in the world of learning technologies, and at Mind Click we're always looking for creative ways we can innovate and grow our services to assist our customers. We've recently helped one of our great clients transform over thirty courses from Flash to HTML5, so their learners can experience on-demand training on the go. And with the ever-growing need for delivering learning that's modern and responsive, we understand that this is an essential service for organisations that want to take those first steps towards mobile learning."

With learners' needs ever shifting towards digital eLearning experiences, Mind Click's legacy-conversion services are key for organisations that don't have the resources in-house but have the need to future-proof their eLearning.

Mind Click is hosting a free, live webinar on 18 May, inviting all organisations that are curious to find out more about how to migrate legacy course content from Flash to HTML5.