Summer Forum

Filtered to Crack the Digital Transformation Code

London (UK), July 2019 - Filtered's groundbreaking AI recommendation engine, magpie, has amassed 45,000 delighted users. In their Summer Forum seminar, Filtered's Head of Customer Success, Rob MacAllister, will explain how attendees can implement the engagement and adoption techniques that have helped the L&D teams they work with successfully introduce this new tool to large audiences.

Attendees will discover

  • how to give L&D a bigger voice in their organisation and make pilots a success
  • how to apply digital marketing techniques to learning in global companies
  • when and why people learn, and what formats they prefer in different contexts
  • what happens when organisations put their competency frameworks to the test
  • how magpie enables them to make data driven decisions to increase engagement

Visitors to Filtered at Stand 1 can discuss these and wider issues with Rob and the rest of the Filtered team; they can also try out magpie for themselves. There will also be drinks and refreshments available at the stand from 15.00.

Cracking the code for digital transformation takes place in Theatre 2 at 10:00 at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, ExCel London, 11 July 2019.