Chelsea FC Women

Landmark Partnership with Cornerstone

Jo Stone, Director of HR at Chelsea FCLondon (UK), October 2023 - Chelsea FC Women have announced a landmark new partnership with Cornerstone OnDemand Inc., a leader in learning and talent experience solutions, that aims to empower a future-ready workforce. Through the partnership, Cornerstone will be powering Chelsea's entire workforce both on and off the pitch by being integrated into the Club's wider learning and development programmes, empowering all staff to be their most extraordinary. 



Greystar's Steve Thompson Joins 5app as Chief Learning Officer

Steve Thompson London (UK), October 2023 - 5app, a learning platform that delivers rapid knowledge transfer, has welcomed Steve Thompson, former Senior Director of Learning and Talent Development at Greystar, as its new Chief Learning Officer (CLO). Steve Thompson brings with him almost 30 years' experience in learning and talent development, learning innovation, and OD, including high-profile roles at HSBC, Barclays, SMBC and, most recently, real estate organisation Greystar.


Performance Improvement

Imparta Acquires the Business of VantagePoint Performance

London (UK), October 2023 - The Capability Group, owner of Imparta Inc. and Imparta Ltd., and a global leader in performance improvement for customer-facing teams, has announced its successful acquisition of the business operations of VantagePoint Performance, a US-based sales training organisation.


Workplace Culture

New Advanced Diversity Skills Portfolio

London (UK), October 2023 - Marshall has launched a range of five advanced eLearning courses in diversity to empower organisations with the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to drive impactful change.


On-Demand Learning

Udacity Announces "All Access" for Professionals

Mountain View, CA (USA), September 2023 - Udacity, an online learning platform providing on-demand technology and skills training, has announced All Access, a subscription-based experience that offers unlimited access to Udacity's entire catalog of best-in-class content, so professionals can advance their skills on an ongoing basis.


Safe Training Environment

Skillsoft: General Availability of Conversation AI Simulator CAISY™

Denver, CO (USA), September 2023 - Skillsoft, a leading platform for transformative learning experiences, has announced the general availability of Skillsoft CAISY™ (Conversation AI Simulator), an enterprise AI-powered skills trainer. Harnessing OpenAI's advanced technology, CAISY provides businesses with an experiential and emotionally safe training environment in which employees can simulate important workplace conversations and develop critical communication skills to become more effective leaders.


Immersive Training

What's Cooking with Five Guys' VR Training Techniques

London (UK), September 2023 - In the quest for the perfect dine-in experience, restaurants have aimed to improve continuity between their stores. When moving from store to store, proper training has become an essential skill for cooks, chefs, and staff to deliver the top reputations for restaurants.


Comprehensive Training Solution

GP Strategies Launches Compliance Fundamentals

London (UK), September 2023 - GP Strategies has bundled its highly regarded, most popular courses into two quick, simple, and cost-effective packages for organizations looking to create a compliance training program or supplement an existing one. Organizations can take advantage of these training packages to support global awareness-level training and to meet their corporate compliance requirements.


Business Coaching

Speexx Introduces AI-Based Coach Matching with Speexx Matchmaker™

Munich (GER), September 2023 - Speexx, an industry leader for digital people development, has announced details of the Speexx Matchmaker™ smart algorithm for its cutting-edge coaching solution Speexx Business Coaching. Speexx Matchmaker™ is one of the world's most powerful matching smart algorithms, using data science, AI-powered technology, and the latest evidential research to connect the coachees with their perfectly matched coach.