Eukleia eBook

New Ways to Create Engaging Compliance Training

London (UK), July 2019 - Eukleia, a specialist in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) training, has published a new ebook, titled "5 approaches to creating engaging compliance training".

The ebook, now available to download, sets out the benefits of building an engaging learning experience for compliance training that results in better knowledge retention and increased behavioural change.

In the guide, Consulting Lead Patrick Thomas draws on his experience within the GRC sector, as well as years of expertise working at Eukleia's sister company, LEO Learning, to highlight five key design approaches that drive learner engagement with compliance training:

  • personalisation and adaptive learning
  • content grouping and spaced learning
  • scenarios and storytelling
  • new approaches to assessment
  • learning analytics

"In our ebook, we share both design approaches and examples that compliance teams can employ in their own businesses to increase learner engagement to improve business impact," said Patrick Thomas. "When learning is designed to engage learners on a personal level, they are more likely to reflect on compliance themes, their role, and their personal impact on business and customer. You then have a workforce spotting risks across the board. These are the behavioural changes we design into our training programmes."