International Cooperation

Norway Sets Examples in eLearning Activities

Stavanger (NO), July 2008 - The University of Finance and Management in Bialystok, Poland, is currently in discussions with the Norwegian RKK concerning possible collaboration on the transfer of Norwegian eLearning models to Poland. A system for covering management training programs for the Republic of Kazakhstan is also in planning. » MORE

Conference on Fathering

Presentation of the DAD project on 5th June in Vienna

Vienna (A), May 2008 - Webducation has extended an open invitation to the international conference on "How fathers-to-be discover parenting" and the presentation of the DAD project to be made there. Speakers from Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Sweden will give an international perspective on topics such as motivating fathers to engage in baby care and the influence and acceptance of paternity leave. » MORE


Online Survey Seeks Participants

Athens (GR), April 2008 - Organic.Edunet is a European initiative that aims to raise awareness about organic agriculture and agroecology in agricultural universities and schools around Europe. Organic.Edunet wants to facilitate access, usage, and exploitation of digital educational content for teaching relevant topics. In this context, an online survey has been launched. » MORE

MEDA Region

Giunti Labs Hosts an International Training Event

Sestri Levante (I), April 2008 - More than one hundred teachers and trainers involved in 'eLearning for teachers and trainers in the MEDA region', an important European initiative in eLearning for North African and Middle East countries, have taken part in an international training event hosted by Giunti Labs. » MORE

Proposals Requested

The European Programm ALFA III

Brussels (BE), April 2008 - Networks of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other relevant cooperation institutions are invited to prepare applications for grant funding under the new programme on higher education cooperation for Latin America. Projects will include "Joint Partnerships" of European and Latin American institutions and "Structural Measures" that aim to reform education systems in Latin America. » MORE

Research Helpdesk

The Best Way to Interface with Standards

Brussels (BE), April 2008 - All research projects and research centres wishing to liaise with the CEN system now have an easy route: An email sent to this address will put them into direct contact with the Research Helpdesk of the European Committee for Standardization. » MORE

IPTS Research

Submit a Learning 2.0 Project to the Database!

Brussels (BE), April 2008 - The Seville, Spain-based Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) is conducting a research project on the impact of web 2.0 innovations on education and training, in collaboration with the EU's Directorate-General foe Education and Culture (DG EAC). » MORE

Leonardo da Vinci

WoLLNET Project to Use BTL eAssessment Tools

Shipley (UK), March 2008 - BTL Group Ltd, a leading UK supplier of technology solutions for learning and assessment has announced that has been selected as the 'technology partner' in the Workplace Literacy, Language and Numeracy Evaluation Toolkit Project (WoLLNET). » MORE

The COOPER Project

Team-based eLearning Turns a New Page

Hannover (GER) / Lugano (CH), March 2008 - How do students, who may be located across the globe, collaborate on team-based project work? European researchers have developed the first online platform that integrates elements of eLearning, social networking, and project management to help virtual teams get the most from their practical experience. » MORE

Quality Initiative

Training Farmers in Organic Agriculture

Brussels (BE), March 2008 - Organic Agriculture (OA) has come to the fore as an agricultural approach that cannot only produce safer products but is environmentally sound, too. The Working Group on Global Learning of the European Foundation for Quality in eLearning EFQUEL recently launched an initiative called "Certify-Organic". Headed by Ulf Ehlers, University of Duisburg Essen, Germany, this project aims to establish a quality-certified training process on the dispersed training efforts that exist regarding Organic Agriculture. » MORE