The Case of Italy

Developing a Continuing Training System for Trainers

Rome (IT), November 2007 - Sharing expertise within Europe's Teacher Training Networks is one theme of this year's Online Educa Berlin Conference. Dr. Claudia Montedoro and Dr. Saverio Pescuma from ISFOL (the Italian Institute for Vocational Training) will present the Italian Online Project SPF (Xformare). CHECK.point eLearning spoke with Dr. Saverio Pescuma about the biggest public On Line Continuing Training System ever created by the Italian Ministry of Labour. » MORE

Web 2.0?

In Search of a Fluid Networking Culture

Helsinki (SF), November 2007 - The international MA program ePedagogy Design - Visual Knowledge Building has recently been awarded "best-practice" in the Erasmus program. Following his experience with this project, Prof. Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss tries to answer questions about the impact of social software tools on eLearning and implications on students' modes of interaction, aesthetics, and techniques. » MORE

For a New Generation

Belgium Launches a New eLearning Portal

Brussels (BE), November 2007 - Under the initiative of the Walloon Region and the French-speaking Community, and with the financial support of the European Social Fund, Belgium has launched a new eLearning portal to facilitate distance learning. Learn-on-Line offers a comprehensive list of over 200 online training courses in French-speaking Belgium as well as a portfolio of resources aimed at private individuals, business enterprises, and bodies specialized in training. » MORE

Catalogue Printed

Strategical Individual Competencies

Fitou (F), November 2007 - The catalogue of strategical individual competencies is the first part of the methodology of a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project called "The Development of Strategical Individual Competencies in the Context of European Integration". It describes individual skills in the spheres of leadership, strategic thinking, purposefulness, and cooperation. » MORE


Portugal's Road Towards Lisbon 2010

Lisbon (PT), October 2007 - As its name in Portuguese indicates, the FDTI - the Foundation for the Promotion of Information Technologies - is responsible for disseminating ICT knowledge and use in Portugal, and the organization was, naturally, one of the institutions responsible for the recent EU Conference on Delivering the Lisbon Agenda. During the eLearning Lisboa 2007 event, CHECK.point eLearning had a chance to speak with Patricia Leão from the FDTI. » MORE

Role Play Game

Preventing Bullying at Schools

Grenoble (FR), October 2007 - Researchers from Germany, Portugal, and the UK have developed an interactive role-play game that helps children to cope with bullying at schools. Currently over 1,000 children throughout Europe are part of pilot studies that aim to explore the impact the software may have in the possible reduction of bullying among pupils. » MORE

Promoting eLearning

European Commission Launches New eSkills Initiative

Brussels (BE), September 2007 - The European Commission has proposed a series of actions to boost Europeans' eSkills. According to recent reports, Europe is likely to face a growing eSkills shortage in coming years. Nevertheless, these skills are vital if the EU is to boost innovation and respond to global challenges. » MORE

Practical Guidelines

Computer Simulations as Effective Learning Scenarios

Twente (NL), September 2007 - Inquiry learning with computer simulations facilitates the education process through experimentation and scientific reasoning. With simulations, students change variables and observe effects in order to form conclusions. Through this process students discover principles, rules, and characteristics of scientific phenomena. So say researchers from the University of Twente, NL, in new guidelines for teachers that provide practical recommendations for improved deployment ICT in secondary schools. » MORE

European Project

Helping Small Enterprises to Sell their Technology

Grenoble (FR), September 2007 - The Programme of the European research project EUBBSI - European Business-to-Business Sales Institute - is designed to meet the needs of managers and sales staffs of small and medium-sized companies and start-ups. It was developed by Grenoble, France's Ecole de Management in cooperation with its academic partners Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, and CEU Business School, Hungary. » MORE


Open Source in Rumanian Education

Timisoara (RO), September 2007 - (by Elena Lita) Open Source, a term proposed in 1998, refers to a set of principles and practices that promote the access to the process of planning and implementing various products and resources. The term is primarily used in relation to software. A wider term is FLOSS (or FOSS) - Free Libre Open Source Software. Carmen Holotescu, an instructor at the Automation and Computer Science Faculty - Politehnica University of Timisoara, the coordinator of the eLearning firm Timsoft, and the author of two eLearning guides speaks about the use of Open Source in Education. » MORE