ELearning for the Visually Impaired

Dueren (GER), May 2009 - The Consortium for ELearning Accessibility (C4EA) is an EC-funded project to improve the accessibility of eLearning services and products for blind and visually impaired people. The CD ROM with all project results can now be ordered from one of the project partners.

C4EA is the result of "E-Learn-ViP" (2005-2006) and was created by partner organisations in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Denmark, and Austria. It is a non-profit-oriented association of companies and organisations that are actively working in the field of ICT-supported learning and aspire to improve access for people with special accessibility requirements.

It acts as counseling service provider for developers and end-users of ICT-supported services and products, cooperating with organisations and interest groups that care about the accessibility and quality aspects of ICT-supported learning.

Concrete objectives of C4EA are:

  1. Evaluation of existing eLearning courses in all countries of the partner organisations by unique measures, considering the special needs of people with visual handicaps.
  2. Publication of the results with detailed descriptions of the available courses and service providers of eLearning services for visually impaired people on a national and transnational level via website, conferences, trade press, and trade fairs.
  3. Development of an innovative guideline for service providers and developers of multimedia and eLearning platforms.