Launch of V2.0 of Online Tool for Quality in eLearning

Brussels (BE), April 2011 - As a Key Activity 4 project supported by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, SEVAQ+ is engaging in widespread dissemination and exploitation of a multilingual online tool for the self-evaluation of quality in technology-enhanced learning. By merging the Kirkpatrick evaluation framework with the EFQM quality model, SEVAQ+ has engineered a holistic tool and approach for the generation of customised evaluation questionnaires.

SEVAQ+ is based on a previous pilot project, SEVAQ, which developed a tool for designing learner-centred questionnaires for eLearning quality assessment in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Under the SEVAQ+ project, new stakeholders, new languages, and the additional sector of Higher Education (HE) have been integrated, resulting in an even more powerful tool designed to help a range of organisations - professional training centres, in-company training departments, and universities - to evaluate the quality of any teaching and learning supported by technology, whether totally online or blended.

Feedback gathered between June 2010 and January 2011 from nearly 2,000 users around Europe has resulted in key improvements to ensure that SEVAQ+ best meets the needs of managers, teachers, trainers, and learners in both HE and VET. The result is SEVAQ+ v2.0, launched in April 2011.

New features and improvements include

  • a brand new, user-friendly interface;
  • the streamlined "designer" area for quicker and simpler questionnaire administration;
  • more options for questionnaire designers, including

    - distributing a single questionnaire in several languages;

    - defining comments as obligatory or optional;

    - automated functions for communicating with questionnaire respondents.

In the coming months, SEVAQ+ will be running a series of public webinars, finalising the validation process with a group of international eLearning and quality experts, and holding an expert workshop at the EDEN 2011 Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland.