LEO Learning

Best Game Based Solution at Learning Solutions 2019 DemoFest

Atlanta (USA), April 2019 - LEO Learning and Godiva won the Best Game Based Solution during DemoFest at the Learning Solutions 2019 Conference. The honor recognizes the Godiva multi-level learning game "Chocolate Quest: Guardians of the Cocoa Bean", which uses scenarios, microlearning, and character interactions to help players experience a direct relationship between knowledge, customer experience, and sales. 

"We’re delighted to receive another award for our work with Godiva. We developed this as a learning game to inspire our learners around an amazing brand, deliver learning to them in a deeply engaging format, and drive real business results," said James Greenwood, Managing Director, LEO Learning. "To win this award through the people’s vote at DemoFest is even more exciting, as it is direct recognition from players and learners that we have created something deeply impactful."
DemoFest is a showcase and people’s-vote event held at Learning Solutions to pitch technology-based learning solutions in a competitive environment where the audience can experience the best digital learning solutions under one roof.  LEO Learning was praised for its creative solution for combining learning expertise and the client’s marketing style with personalized game play. The eLearning that accompanies the game was designed using gomo, LEO Learning’s sister company, which offers eLearning authoring, video, analytics, and hosting capabilities.
Follow-up evaluation by Godiva and LEO Learning has also shown that boutiques whose staff completed the program are experiencing stronger year-on-year sales growth than those who did not.
"Spanning the almost 4,000 year-old history of the birth and evolution of cacao, the Godiva Chocolate Quest Game brilliantly combines innovative graphics, challenging learning scenarios, and fun facts to engage our global millennial sales force," said Karina Chiechi, Godiva’s North America learning and development manager. "To be able to bring this type of modern and visionary learning to an almost 100- year-old chocolate brand has been a joy and a career highlight for our learning and development team."
The recognition follows LEO Learning and Godiva’s win at the 2018 Learning Technologies Awards for Excellence in the Design of Learning Content: UK Commercial Sector (bronze).