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New Wildlife and Nature Themed Website

Derby (UK), September 2019 - Award-winning specialist learning consultancy Walkgrove has launched a stunning wildlife and nature themed website to help users discover the company's wide experience and diverse expertise. The site includes two searchable libraries of hundreds of bespoke learning solutions and generic courses.

The site has been designed to make it easy to discover the company's expansive portfolio of training services. Why wildlife and nature? Because we are all inspired by and learn from our natural world.

Walkgrove's new digital case studies library spotlights the company's bespoke eLearning and blended solutions, which are used by hundreds of thousands of learners globally. A dynamic filtering function allows website users to search through examples according to their interest, such as a particular learning topic or organisation type.

Site visitors can currently select to filter Walkgrove's learning case studies from over 25 sectors, including those as diverse as humanitarian work, transportation, and business services. Digital library users interested in a particular learning approach, such as gamification or video-based learning, can also search according to learning feature.

Sarah Smith, Walkgrove Chief Executive, said, "Modern organisations need effective training opportunities delivered by providers that they can trust. Walkgrove's new web library makes it easy for professional development teams to search for examples of the diverse, relevant experience and innovation that Walkgrove offers to every major industry sector and across the spectrum of important training topics."

The website also features a searchable collection of Walkgrove's "Ready to Go Essentials" off  the shelf range of over 150 generic courses, designed to meet the pressing development requirements of modern organisations. The site offers a search filter so that an organisation can easily find eLearning courses in the training topics they need. Current topic areas include compliance, health and safety, information governance, performance management, and Microsoft Office skills - and Walkgrove is continuously adding to the course catalogue.

Marketing and Sales Executive, Jack Baker, who has overseen the website's development, commented on its design. "After working for 25 years as learning consultants to the UK's top organisations, Walkgrove can offer an enormous range of valuable learning expertise to larger and smaller organisations in the public, private, and not for profit sectors. Our new website is designed to inspire and inform, highlighting the depth and breadth of our experience in an accessible way and showing that anyone interested in a top quality learning product can select Walkgrove's services with confidence."