Free eLearning Course

Empathy and Kindness at Work

London (UK), November 2023 - Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a leading UK-based eLearning provider, has announced its free course, entitled Empathy and Kindness at Work eLearning. The course is designed to inform learners on the advantages of empathy and kindness across a workplace environment and their personal value in fostering a collaborative, productive, and positive culture for all employees.

The inspiration for the creation of this eLearning course arose from the respect and value that the Marshall team place on kindness and empathy.

David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall E-Learning Consultancy and now a Managing Director at Ciphr, Marshall's parent company, said, "Kindness and empathy are not a weakness, but a strength. Kindness and empathy are integral to the generation of a positive workplace culture, and everyone can learn and benefit from a little bit more kindness. This is why it was important for us to offer this eLearning course free of charge."

This eLearning is relevant to any workplace within any industry. This eLearning builds on increasing research which indicates that kindness and empathy are beneficial across the workplace on multiple levels. Marshalls hopes that their colleagues and peers within the eLearning industry enjoy this free course offering.