New Microsoft Releases

Kiron and tts Extend Their Partnership

Heidelberg (GER), October 2016 - Professional qualifications can be the decisive success factor for refugees looking to enter the labor market. Technical knowledge and language skills are not enough in themselves. Competence in Outlook and Microsoft Office products is also vitally important, not least because they provide the basis for creating documents and writing job applications, as well as the efficient management of meetings and contacts.

Numerous companies already use beginners‘ courses in the new Microsoft releases offered by tts, which is now making them available to refugees in five languages via Kiron University. tts CEO Ulrich Ude commented, "tts employs 280 people from 25 countries. We believe that occupational qualifications are the key to successful integration and participation in the labor market, so we are impressed that Kiron has taken up this challenge as ‘the” online learning platform for refugees. We are delighted to help."

Florian Ruecker, who is responsible for students‘ experience at Kiron stated, "I am very enthusiastic about the beginners’ course from tts – it is simple, designed on solid didactic principles, and available in the most important languages. It’s a great help for our students, regardless of their country of origin, to be able to teach themselves how to use the new versions of Microsoft applications efficiently, for example when creating seminar papers and final theses. This is not our first collaboration with tts, but rather an important next step in a reliable partnership."

tts and Kiron University have already been working together on the following topics:

  • production of eLearning material using the tts authoring solution tt performance suite
  • support for the creation of a learning management infrastructure
  • the Office und Windows learning program for refugees