To Increase Exposure

Nancarrow Partnerships Experiences post-Brexit Growth

Southampton (UK) / Barcelona (E), August 2016 - Following the announcement of Brexit, Nancarrow Partnerships has seen a significant increase in marketing spend with a specific set of clients. This has led to company growth.

Nancarrow Partnerships has seen a clear split between those companies riding the wave of Brexit that seek to increase exposure at an uncertain time and those taking a step back to see what will happen next. As a result, Nancarrow Partnerships has expanded across the board, most notably in the areas of consultancy, event management, and video production. The media being created are to be released primarily in support of new product launches.

In turn, the Campaign Learning faction of the company has also seen a notable increase in enquiries directly from learning-and-development directors. These enquiries are for the use of internal marketing techniques to support the implementation of their learning pathways.

"This increased need so quickly after Brexit was unexpected. However, I can see why these companies have responded in such a manner to secure stability at an uncertain time," observed Issy Nancarrow, Managing Director.

Nancarrow Partnerships is tapping into its previous contractors in order to bring in familiar expertise to meet the increased demand. In turn, this is stabilising the company's three main bases, in London, Southampton, and Barcelona. This core team focusses on working with the leadership team, including their clients’ marketing managers, to launch products and support boosted sales.

"We have such enthusiastic and dedicated contractors that it is a pleasure to bring them more closely into the main team," added Issy Nancarrow.

Nancarrow Partnerships has in turn increased its marketing activity through targeted content releases and will continue this effort at events over the coming six months. In addition to this, the company has brought in more sophisticated project-management software to provide live project tracking for the larger product launches.