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How to Choose the Right Kind of Video for Training

Bangalore (IN), June 2019 - Not only are videos one of the most efficient media for explaining detailed processes and sharing knowledge; they also engage employees in learning something instantly. Given the wide range of available options, the focus shifts on how to choose the right kind of video for employee training that can create the desired impact on performance gain or behavioral change.

Join a free webinar on How to Choose the Right Kind of Video for Your Employee Training - Featuring 15 Formats that You Must Use in 2019, presented by Asha Pandey - the Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design. Sponsored by eLearning Industry, this webinar goes live on 06 June 2019, 11 am EDT.

  • This webinar will provide insights, practical tips, and examples of how to integrate video based learning into a corporate training strategy.
  • It features EI Design’s holistic approach of a learning and performance ecosystem that will enable participants to maximize the impact of video based training.
  • It will also provide new ideas and next-gen solutions (including interactive videos and microlearning videos) that are part of six must-have strategies to adopt in 2019.
  • Through fifteen examples, it will show how to use video based learning for formal training, performance support, or informal training.

In this sixty-minute session, participants will learn

  • the value that video based training offers
  • the learning and performance ecosystem-based approach
  • must adopt video based learning strategies in 2019
  • new ideas and next-gen solutions (interactive videos, microlearning videos, etc.)
  • fifteen formats of how to can use videos for employee training