MicroLearn Confirms Partnership with Eildon Housing Association

London (UK), June 2019 - MicroLearn, a microlearning content provider, has announced a new partnership with Eildon Housing Association. Eildon Housing Association is a Scottish housing and care providers, offering housing, care, and support services to people right across the Scottish Borders region.

The housing association was formed in 1973 and supports individuals and communities through the provision of affordable housing and services for those in need.
Eildon Housing are committed to the recruitment of young people in the Scottish Borders and currently support several apprenticeships.

Deborah Taggart, HR Manager of Eildon Housing Association says, "We are delighted to be partnering with MicroLearn to extend our internal eLearning programme. The materials they have provided are assisting us to embed a culture of eLearning within the organisation. I particularly like the bite-sized content and engaging video.
"Loading the materials onto our learning platform has been incredibly easy and will assist our people with their career progression, as well as broaden their range of skills and knowledge and ensure they remain up to date with important regulatory and compliance topics. We believe this is a really cost-effective supplement to our comprehensive training programme that will assist us to further the high standards of the business. And, last but not least, I would like to say that the customer service received to date has been exceptional."

Ali Soper, Creative Director of MicroLearn says, "MicroLearn are thrilled to welcome Eildon Housing Association to our impressive list of valued clients. We see a noticeable similarity between our two firms, as both MicroLearn and Eildon’s obligation to care, commitment, and creativity drive the organisations’ core values.
"Much like MicroLearn, Eildon are continuing to grow, and I have every confidence that our engaging bite-sized library of digital content will help joining and exiting staff further their personal and professional development and aid their enthusiasm to continue to care for the communities they serve. We are thrilled to partner with Eildon Housing and look forward to a long and flourishing relationship."