Upside LMS

Over 10,000 Ready-to-Use Off-the-Shelf Courses and Videos

Pune (IN), August 2019 - In an age in which eLearning adoption is at an all time high, UpsideLMS helps global organizations maximize the impact of eLearning by offering more than 10,000 ready-to-use eLearning, mLearning, and microlearning courses and videos. 

UpsideLMS, a leading provider of learn-tech solutions, is proud to announce its comprehensive library of over 10, 000 ready-to-use catalog courses and videos on diverse industry-related topics, including Management & Leadership, Business Skills, IT, and many more. These include mobile compatible, eLearning, and microlearning courses, which can be easily deployed on UpsideLMS’ multi-award-winning learning platform or any other learning management system.
UpsideLMS’s 100+ client base spans across geographies and industries, including but not limited to BFSI, pharma, logistics, oil and gas, healthcare, government organizations and more. Furthermore, in its efforts to increase adoption of technology enabled learning in the workplace, UpsideLMS leverages its partnership with leading content marketplaces like Biz Library, Cegos, Edcomm’s Banker’s Academy, and Yoda to offer a rich library of ready-to-use off-the-shelf courses.
When it comes to training and development of the workforce, L&D leaders are often faced with a big challenge of whether to design and create proprietary eLearning courses and content or source off-the-shelf courses from a ready library within an LMS.
UpsideLMS’s off-the-shelf (OTS) eLearning courses come as a central repository of learning content that is pre-created and available online for ready usage. Although generic in nature, this eLearning content is designed with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from diverse industries and covers a vast array of topics. It comes in the form of mobile-friendly videos, courseware, microlearning bits, and more.
Organizations can choose from numerous courses offered by UpsideLMS relating to hard skills like database management, MS Office, software, finance and management, marketing and innovation, sales and service, data analytics, and more. There are also soft skills courses, including Management & Leadership, Business Skills, and Applied Professional Development, among others.
In addition to these, UpsideLMS also offers industry specific courses from extensive libraries, like Banker’s Academy for BFSI related courses; A.D.A.M. On Demand for pharmaceutical and healthcare-related courses; Udacity for courses in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Data Science, and more; Codecademy for Coding and Programming; and HubSpot Academy for courses in inbound marketing and sales education, among others.
While investing in the professional development of the workforce is critical for both the employees and the organization, UpsideLMS’s comprehensive library of ready to use catalog courses offers maximum eLearning impact, with its fast to deploy, easy on the pocket, and effective OTS courses library.