VR Usage and Consumer Attitudes

Boston, MA (USA), July 2019 - ARtillery Intelligence's latest report examines original consumer survey data: How do consumers feel about VR? Who's using it? What devices and apps do they prefer? And what do they want to see next? Perhaps more important, what are non-users' reasons for disinterest? And how can VR software developers and hardware players optimize product strategies accordingly?

These are key questions at VR's early stages that we set out to answer. Working closely with Thrive Analytics, ARtillery Intelligence wrote questions to be presented to more than 3,100 U.S. adults in Thrive's established consumer survey engine.

We've analyzed the results in a narrative report that follows similar reports we've completed over the last two years. Wave III of the research now emboldens our perspective and brings new insights and trend data to light. All three waves represent a collective base of 7,065 U.S. adults for a robust longitudinal analysis. This will continue to improve.

Meanwhile, what did we find out? At a high level, 16% of consumers surveyed have bought or used a VR headset, up from 11% in 2018. More importantly, VR users indicate high levels of satisfaction with the experience: 67% reported extreme or moderate satisfaction with VR.